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Vault: Danielle Vergne

Danielle Vergne is a rocking French artist, and an arts applied teacher since 1981. She was born in Corté, Corsica, France.

Danielle paints and airbrushes on leather vests and jackets, and denim too, for music fans or bands and has been wowing fans for more than 7 years.

Danielle’ definitive muse is Alice Cooper, the man, the performer on stage, the voice, the songs and the themes. She uses these as her fuel and inspiration, since 1978 when she started to paint and airbrush.

“I met him 7 times and on his 2011/2012 tour he wore on stage the red leather vest I had offered to him (see the guillotine song), so my dream had come true!

I love to work with mixed techniques on leather, airbrush then brush, etc. On denim or tshirt material of course only airbrush can be used.

I love to work with leather, it’s smoothness and texture is lovely to work with.”

Danielle Vergne

Issue 37, April/May 2013 

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