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The Kyiv Infinity airbrush – Harder & Steenbeck help Ukrainian hospital.

Harder and Steenbeck are donating all of the sales proceeds of this limited release airbrush series, less their basic operational costs, to the Cancer Oncology and Organ Transplant Ward in the Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv. The children there cannot be moved to another location, and so this will help ensure that they have everything that they need, and they are not forgotten.

The Kyiv Infinity, in both Light and Dark, was designed to represent the art of the Ukrainian artist Angela Dmitrenko. She is a friend of Harder & Steenbeck and long admired for her inspirational and transformative art. Harder & Steenbeck referred to her self-portrait “Home” to guide us in our colour selection, as this magical palette runs through much of her art. 

She drew the WING motif now present on the Kyiv infinity in the early days of the war, whilst in a basement using the limited materials she had to hand at the time. Together, Harder & Steenbeck and Angela, with her family, have consulted over voice and video calls to bring this project to life. 

On offer is an airbrush which gives the greatest technical know-how to support you in your creative journey, and hope that it also will serve as a reminder of the GOOD that we can all do when we come together and unite to help others. We sincerely hope that you enjoy what has been created, and feel moved to support the causes dear to her and us in the Ukraine by ordering one of these products.

Each airbrush comes with our Fineline nozzle set in 0.2mm and a 2ml paint cup. You may add the 0.4mm Fineline nozzle set and 5ml paint cup as an optional extra. These airbrushes have a huge range of uses – they can be used for anything from Automotive art, to miniature painting, from modelling to fingernail artwork and of course for fine art and mural painting, as Angela does. For those of you who wish to support, but are not able to buy the airbrush, please consider purchasing the Display Stand as a way of joining us in this project.

All products are in stock NOW, and ready for despatch to you.

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