Steve Chaszeyka & his NEW online art school

We were so excited to hear this awesome news from our long-time friend and contributor to PKG, Steve Chaszeyka. As anyone who has followed one of his superb step-by-step guides in PKG Magazine knows, Steve really knows his stuff and makes it easy to understand!

Steve will soon be opening his online school for pinstriping, airbrushing, cartoons, drawing, lettering and more, digging deep into everything he’s learnt over the past 50 plus years.

Wanting to make the school truly accessible, Steve reports that “It will be on a truly affordable subscription basis, starting at $25 per month (which will give you 5 hours of instruction and videos every month) and increasing memberships with more content.”

Steve hopes the school will allow people to benefit from his many years of knowledge and experience. He says: “I am giving everything to this school and hope to generate interest among aspiring pinstripers and airbrush artists.”

Follow Steve Chaszeyka at his website or on Instagram @pinstriping_steve_chaszeyka

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