Issue 77 December/January 2020




Boy oh boy do we have some brilliant artists in this issue as well as the how-to’s from Steve Chaszeyka, Liz Northrup and Quinn Chipman. Once again Trident regale us with reviews from their independent testers, and it’s great to have Svee writing with us again, this time he expounds on the Iwata Kit. Vince Cabral’s ‘Sharpie art’ is quite striking with all of his lowbrow art and sign painting on axes. We’ve got a great pinstriping section with Amauri Shadow, Willy White Pinstriping and Brandon Shirley with distinctive styles. The Arch Villain’s lowbrow monsters are wonderfully ghoulish for this season too. For airbrushing, we have the amazing Maxime Xavier and Andy Saunders stunning Ford Pop, and Jason Livery’s goalie masks are superb. You will be blown away by the one day portraits of Nick Dampier. Not forgetting the ‘dark art’ of Ariel Castellaro, finishing off with the surreal works of Rusty Sherrill. We also have a Kool Yule Xmas Gift Guide to find those elusive pressies for your Kustom Art and Lifestyle enthusiast!

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