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PKG Team Up With Beirdo Beard Company

PKG have teamed up with Beirdo Beard Company to give you the chance to win some of their brilliant Beirdo goodies, all made from natural ingredients.

If you fancy getting your hands on the pictured products which are;

Beirdo Peppermint Beard Wash,

Beirdo Backwoods Beard Oil,

Beirdo Peppermint Beard Balm,

Beirdo Open Road Beard Balm,

Beirdo Barbershop Mustache Wax

plus Beirdo stickers

All you have to do is pop on to, and find 1 more of the Beirdo Scents (we’ve listed 4 above as part of our giveaway, we are after a different scent, not listed above).

Email your answer along with your name & contact details to: (subject ‘Beirdo’)

by 30/06/17

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