Lynda Johnson
Publisher/Managing Editor

Lynda describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, having opened one of the first chains of home computer stores back in the late 70’s/early 80s, operated a successful dating agency called Kids2 and later an advertising agency, Teleimpact. Lynda has always been around advertising and magazines, becoming the 6th top telesales in the whole of the UK during her time with Yellow Pages (1984-1987) and has worked on prestigious county magazines such as; Surrey County, Lincolnshire Life, Occasions and became General Manager of Living South Magazine, a London lifestyle publication south of the river.

In 2000 after discovering her new husband (Kris ‘Puk’ Johnson) was one of the early pinstripers in the UK she was instrumental in aiding him to start the original Pinstriping UK and fed her enthusiasm for all things Kustom. PKG started life as a single sheet newsletter to Pinstriping UK customers. In 2006 when the newsletter had grown to an email defying 32 pages the decision was made to launch the UKs first kustom art magazine. Lynda was the founder and brain child (OAP) behind the Kustom Kulture Blastoff event held in Lincoln UK ( which is operated through PKG Events Ltd. Lynda says of both PKG & KKBO “I see my role as supporting the artists in this niche field and inspiring the younger element to help to keep these crafts alive”