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Letterheads Land in Tokyo

Tokyo Letterheads 2019 is bringing the Letterheads movement to Tokyo. From the 11th – 14th April  the Letterheads will be taking over the Ikejiri Institute of Design.

The event will see people flying from all over the world, to take part in four days of dedicated panel jams, workshops and demonstrations.

Some of the confirmed workshops include:

  • Beginners area with Mike Meyer and Shinya Nakahra
  • Architect casuals with Gaston the Painter
  • Fileteador Porteno demonstration by Gustavo Ferrari
  • Pinstriping workshop with Jussi Alasalmi
  • Posca workshop with Nathan Collins

Everyone is invited, from beginners to seasonal professionals and there will even be a dedicated ‘beginners area’. This will be a place where experienced sign painters can help beginners in their first steps towards painting signs. This area will be available in Japanese and English.

The Letterheads is a collective that has a rich history of ‘meet ups’ dating back to 1975. Growing from a small team of sign enthusiasts, the meet ups have now spread to countries such as Canada, Australia and even New Zealand. The founding ethos of the group is to promote the teaching of skills from one generation to the next.

Tickets are available to purchase from

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