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Jennifer Slouha Fine Art

Jennifer Slouha is a self-taught artist living in Holts Summit, Missouri.  Her preferred mediums are professional-grade colored pencil, graphite pencil, and acrylic paint.

She specializes in commissioned photorealistic automotive artwork and pet portraits but also creates artwork in many other subjects such as wildlife, landscapes, cityscapes, and family portraits. She also teaches colored pencil art classes at the Columbia Art League.

Jennifer has great patience and says “Some of my automotive drawings have taken upwards of 100 hours to complete. I have had some interesting projects in the last few years. I created a series of automotive artwork for Missouri Auto Auction in Columbia, MO. One of the acrylic paintings was a 1963 split-window Corvette on 4×5 foot canvas.”

“My advice for fellow creative people is to continually push yourself. Try new subjects and art mediums. I like to draw new intimidating subjects on a regular basis and doing this has increased my confidence and skills. It is important to make time to be creative on a regular basis.”

Follow Jennifer at her website or on Instagram @Jennifer Slouha Fine Art

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