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This October 6th Celebrate International Airbrush Day Wherever You Are!

This year marks the 4th Anniversary of the International Airbrush Day. This event celebrates airbrush artists and art across the world. This year the organisers aim to make the celebration as global and easy to participate in as possible, wherever you are!

Gerald Mendez, of Gerald Mendez Art Studio and organizer of the event, says: “Creativity and artistic sensitivity have no borders. So, our goal is for monumental works of art made with airbrush to be painted symbolizing the union of artists around the world. Join us to celebrate this special day for all airbrush artists in the world, sharing unique and personal work.”

To join in with the celebration and enter your artworks, you can download the Entry Guidelines PDF here:

To find out more, you can also visit International Airbrush Day on Facebook and Instagram.

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