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HammAir Art and Stencil Store is here to shake up the stencil world

We’re big fans of Tommy Hamm, of HammAir Art Studio, and his stunning photorealistic art work. Even at a short distance, each of his pieces is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing! The sheer quality of Tommy’s art is why we were so excited to find out about the HammAir Art and Stencil Store. The range was created purposely by Tommy to provide a source for fellow airbrush artists to be able to find and afford quality stencils to enhance their artwork.

Using knowledge gained from years of experience in the art world, the stencils are available in a range of sizes and patterns. HammAir’s focus is on producing durable stencils that will last well. These stencils are carefully created to provide high quality products at very reasonable prices, because no one should be priced out of creating art.

HammAir Art and Stencil Store are US-based and made, and they also ship internationally which means you can get your hands on them wherever you are!

We particularly love the American Curves four piece set, featuring creative curves in various sizes. Our other favourite is the Banana Grunge stencil which has already sparked off some great ideas for usage in our minds!

The store also supplies synthetic paper and will soon be adding dowels, aggressive erasers and paint storage bottles with shaker balls to its line-up.

Be sure to check out the HammAir Art and Stencil Store Facebook page, where you can see examples of how Tommy has used the stencils in his art – it’s a great resource for inspiration and learning more about how the stencils can be utilised.

To learn more and buy your stencils visit the HammAir Art and Stencil Store website.

Read more about great artists and resources in PKG Magazine, available in print and digital worldwide, here.

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