Debs Tetlow

Debs has her own business, Tax Books Ltd, and has been instrumental in helping Lynda steer the magazine through the various different economic climates. This was not an easy task for a one-off publication, but with the loyal readership and belief in the magazine we are still here with a worldwide audience.   Debs used to work in the music industry mainly in mainstream pop working with bands such as Five, Hearsay and Stephen Gately overseeing the tour accounting, lunching at Coutts Bank talking royalties, negotiating merchandise agreement with Granada heads and then attending the wild aftershow parties. In 2006 she made a lifestyle change (why you cry!) and moved to Broughton Astley changing her client base to small SMEs that benefit from her experience. She works from home but is a regular visitor to the office ensuring we stay on the right path and chasing in all those late payments – believe me you don’t want to get on the wrong side of our ‘Debs’.