Press Releases

We welcome press releases on forthcoming events, newsworthy items from the scene, new products, services and items of general interest. So if you have won an award, created an event, new product or service why not let us know about it?

We can help you spread the word.  Get in touch.

Product Reviews

PKG is always keen to receive products and books to review, please email us first for despatch instructions and acceptability

Artist Features
The mainstay of our magazine is showcasing the work of artists from all genres including kustom engravers and leatherworkers, body artists, tattooists and all things kustom quirky and original.

To get the best from the magazine, it’s best to follow our editorial guidelines, particularly with regard to photo resolution. You can download a copy of our editorial guidelines!

Download Editorial Guidelines

Please read our legal bits here!

Step by Steps & How To’s

As with artist and business features, we also accept step by steps and ‘how to’s’ to run alongside our regular features. When you document and photograph your work why not submit it to us, together with a link to your Youtube video of the process.


Got something cool going on? Invite us to come to your event and we could cover it in the magazine.  Let us know here!


Stringers Wanted – Are you a photographer? Do you attend kustom shows and events?  We bet you have loads of photos that never see the light of day!

If you are planning to attend a major show in your area, and would like to share them with our readers please contact us to find out more.  Please email:

Noun; informal
a newspaper/magazine correspondent/photographer who is retained on a ad hoc basis to report on events in a their local area
“global publications rely increasingly on locally based stringers and news agencies”

Download Stringers Guidelines