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Cancun – an airbrushing convention, in paradise!

They came from the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and Chile-Norway. To attend this, their event. The event of all! Cancun was the ideal choice for the 2nd International Airbrush Seminar and organised by Hugo Maciel.

The Covid pandemic was a difficult time for us all and it took 3 years and four months to repeat the international seminar which was originally in October 2019. Everything had to stop, and we all had to live inside our homes, for a prolonged period of time. But the new normal was neither easy nor quick. For many of us it served to experiment, practice and promote airbrushing in a different way. And the use of the internet became our only window of contact with the outside. But that could not replace, in any way, human contact and warmth. So, the date was set for February 17 to 26, 2023. Ten days of intense activity, in which both artists and students should have an incredible experience face to face.

The event composed of four venues, where students could opt for a course, practice in a workshop, enjoy a sensational demo or listen to an interesting talk. So, both artists and students spent time with so much activity, that even so, more than one opted to take more than one day to enjoy the tourist and paradisiacal sites of Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Tulum, Merida or Chichen-Itza.

The courses and seminars were held at the Edgar Herrera Gallery, and thanks goes to a super collaboration with Edgar Herrera, Elia Montero and Charly Alvarez.

 While activities such as demonstrations, workshops, and talks, were held in places like Luxury Avenue Mall Boutique, in the Hotel Zone, thanks to Lic Margarita, Marketing Manager. Valeria Vielma Bello, as well as Luxury Avenue’s support group and the interns who participated.

In the other venue, the “8 de Octubre” theater, in the same area of Cancun Centro, there were demos, talks and a day dedicated to the “Spraygunner” airbrush store. Who from Florida, United States, delighted us with the coordination between 8 other artists, a variety of demonstrations on various surfaces and objects made to customize using the materials that Artem, Alena and Alisa Raa, the family of “SPRAYGUNNER”, offered for this show. Which in turn was supported by the translation of Gerald Mendez. The activities of this center, as well as the auditorium were open to the public at the “Parque de las Palapas”, in the heart of downtown Cancun. These venues were made possible thanks to the collaboration of the “Instituto de Cultura y Arte de la ciudad de Cancún. Ana Paty Peralta de la Peña, Municipal President of Benito Juárez, Carlos López Jiménez, General Director of the Institute of Culture and Arts, Saúl Enríquez, Head of the Institute of Culture and Arts of the City of Cancún. Saúl Enríquez, Head of Cultural Centers of the Institute of Culture and the Arts. To Karina Vera and in general to all the staff of the Institute, who with much enthusiasm collaborated with these locations.

In the Palapas Park, exhibitions were developed by international artists. Such as Mural Painting, Body Paint, Caricature Art, and puppet making and painting, in charge of the Deferrari couple.

The gatherings took place in a spontaneous way. Going to different restaurants in Cancun. Making every night an unforgettable moment.

Since it is a non-profit event, where each artist has attended on their own and with the free will to celebrate this event for the second time. Without difference or preferences and with equality among all. Where there are no brand preferences, and each of the participants cooperated with great help.  And that we thank the participants, such as Hugo Mac Art Colors, Croma Air, Createx Colors and PPG. Felinemakeupro, for the Body Paint. Help was provided by “ANEST IWATA MEDEA”, as well as “ARTOOL”, which has always supported the great airbrushing events in the world. To Laura Glass, Gary Glass and Brooke Cedros, Marketing Director and Kei Katoh, who gave us enormous support with materials and equipment of the highest quality and prestige.

Those of us who lived this experience can only describe it as incredible. Where each artist shared their talent and knowledge. And at the same time, we learned from each other. And that is why the main thanks about this huge event, is for the artists: Roger and Katja Hassler, Mario Romani, Mariano Soto, Cesar Deferrari, Adolfo Dominguez, Alex Germany, Catia Trovarelli, Ivan Loperena, Erbey Villanueva, Nimrod Wan, Avero Graph, Artem Raa, Daniel Flores, Oscar Mota Kustom, Romina Badaracco, Santiago Vezcarra, Gerald Mendez, Oscar Hernandez, Diego Celeita, Jose Art, Georg Huber, Gabriel Frias, Angus Alcantara and Hugo Maciel.

Now everything is waiting for the announcement of the next international seminar.

But that’s another story.

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