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Bodypaint Artist: Alan Anderson

Alan Anderson is an award winning make-up artist in Denver, Colorado USA . Originally from Birmingham, Alabama USA he has been a Firefighter Paramedic for over 16 years. Alan found his talent in make-up through his love for Halloween. At an early age he started creating creatures and characters on himself for Halloween parties and costume contests. It wasn’t until 2010 that he turned the brush around and started creating on the canvas of others. He specializes in brush and sponge techniques, as well as being very proficient with the airbrush. Alan combines the use of special effects and body art to create amazing pieces of work.

In 2011 he showcased his art with a company called RAW Natural Born Artists. During his time showcasing his newly found art with RAW, his work was placed in a local competition with other make-up artists. After winning at a city level, his work was placed up against other make-up artists in a nationwide contest. Through online voting he became a finalist for RAW’s Make-Up Artist of the Year. During the final round, over 3000 artists from around the country were judged by Award Winning Make-Up Artist Conor McCullagh (Face Off Season 1 Champion). Conor crowned Alan the winner, and he became RAW Natural Born Artist’s 2011 Make-Up Artist of the Year.

In 2012 a production company in Hollywood, USA contacted Alan asking if he would be interested in being part of the first body painting competition reality show in US history. It was an honor to be considered one of ten body artists chosen from around the United States. In February of 2014, he became a contestant on the first season of Skin Wars – Skin Wars is a body painting reality competition hosted by Rebecca Romijn that premiered on the Game Show Network on August 6, 2014. The artists compete against each other in a series of challenges, and are judged by RuPaul, Craig Tracy and Robin Slonina. The experience has been the pinnacle of Alan’s journey as a face and body artist. He made great friends, and will always be a Skin Wars Season 1 Contestant.

Since Skin Wars, Alan has become an Ambassador Artist for ProAiir Make Up. He has recently finished several new projects including one that too his love for zombies to a whole new level. Over a period of 6 months, he meticulously chose 7 models to represent well-known superheroes. In this art series, each superhero has been transformed into brain eating super powers! The goal of this project was to release it just in time for the Halloween season. Also in October, Alan released an image that he has envisioned for years. It is a dark piece that consists of a ghostly skeleton lurking amongst the tombstones of an old forgotten cemetery. Lastly to “brighten his art up a bit”, Alan did an colourful piece that was inspired by Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.

Stay on top of Alan’s newest projects, view all his art, and comment on his blog at

As originally featured in Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics Magazine Issue #48 feb/Mar 2015

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