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Better Letters Magazine Discount Offer for PKG readers.

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The PKG Team are very impressed with the wealth of information, resources and design from BLAG (Better Letters Magazine). BLAG is the world’s only print and online publication dedicated to sign painting and exists to inspire and inform the international sign painting community, by celebrating exciting work and sharing knowledge and resources.

It is run by Sam Roberts, a Londoner living in Catalonia, Spain. Better Letters was born in 2013 as a natural extension to his work on Ghostsigns. The aim was to champion sign painting and foster greater appreciation of the trade. In the years since, this has led Sam to organising countless events, managing a variety of sign painting projects and writing books and articles about the craft.

In addition to supporting Mike Meyer with his worldwide workshops programme, Sam has also gained huge satisfaction from the voluntary projects he has been involved with. These have included organising Letterheads meets, producing the ‘When Better Letters Met‘ series of short films, and helping to support and connect people inside and outside the trade.

Subscribing via a free or paid plan is the best way to get the most from BLAG. All subscribers receive the regular email newsletter, and have access to many of the online articles.

And for PKG readers simply scan the QR code on the right and you will be taken to a link which gives you a 25% discount off any paid plans with BLAG. Awesome!

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