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2nd International Airbrush Seminary and Convention

Although technology gives opportunities to connect, nothing compares to face-to-face experience where students and artists can interact, obtain knowledge, and share creativity. 

The 2nd International Airbrushing Seminar and Convention is an event which for a very low cost, students from all over the world, have access to a significant number of international artists who will be sharing their artistic knowledge in two types of events. The seminar, with its courses and workshops and secondly the convention, with special presentations, demonstrations and talks of great interest from the world of airbrushing.

The question of low cost is only possible, thanks to the voluntary work of the artists, by not receiving an economic benefit for their presentation. And in which both artists and students will share an invaluable time in a beautiful and cultural place. 

The date of this fantastic event is February 17 to 26, 2023.  It is taking place in Cancun, a famous and paradisiacal tourist destination, with beautiful beaches of the Mexican Caribbean, sites of natural, historical, and cultural tourism, and with easy access to destination by air.  In addition to attending one of the largest international airbrushing events, you will have the opportunity to take a vacation. 

So, there is the seminar. In which we will have 10 intense days learning from the knowledge of the great masters of airbrushing, in courses and workshops. Also, the convention offers us an incredible opportunity to see and participate in the talks, demonstrations and learn about everything new about airbrushing.  But that’s not all! We will also have special participations of the artists and activities of exhibition and sale of their art.

programme of artists

Within the dates of the event, there is the huge Cancun Carnival. An event in which we will participate, with exhibitions, competitions and performance by the attending artists. Spreading the word of our exciting art with the public. 

To get more information and to register for the event?

See the Facebook page “2 International Airbrush Seminar and Convention Cancun 2023”

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