15 years fighting for kustom art!

It is now 2022, and we have just released our 15th Anniversary edition. So rather than pat ourselves on the backs in the usual fashion I have decided it is time to come out fighting!

During the Christmas break it actually dawned on me that, following the sad demise of Autoart Magazine, PKG is not only the only UK Kustom magazine, but the last remaining publication covering ALL the kustom arts. This has led me to realise that, now more than ever, the industry is in a difficult place.

Over recent years we have lost many talented Masters of the Brush, whether that be the airbrush, sword, dagger, scroll chisel or script.  Mike Lavallee, the pioneer of True Fire. Simon ‘Nefarious’ Pollock, one of the UK’s leading stripers.  Most recently Terrey Hills, Jon ‘LetterKnight’ Leeson and Sean Michael Felix II.

These guys are not replaceable, yet they leave a catalogue of art which some are privileged to own on their rides or on their walls. But be warned, this industry will not survive if you do not also support it. Clicking like on a page of a magazine or artist does not pay the bills. Don’t just click SHARE.

Magazines need content. If you have been invited to showcase your art in our pages or anywhere else, and you have not got round to it NOW IS THE TIME. Showcasing your art is as much to inspire other artists as it is to throw the spotlight on you. We need new Blood coming through the ranks.  Striping had a great resurgence during the early 2000s. My own husband in the UK taught the fundamentals of pinstriping to over 1000 people during his time. Sadly Dementia and Parkinsonism have put paid to that. 

15th Anniversary edition

We have some great artists still with us but they, like myself, will not be here forever. Who will be the new Steve Kafka, Steve Chaszyeka, Herb Martinez, Tommy the Greek or Von Dutch? We need you to help provide the inspiration or to take up the brush. 

Existence on the web is fleeting. How many of you have actually found something interesting and then a few hours/days/weeks later you can’t find it again? When it is in print (yes, even digital) you can go back to it time and time again. Let’s stay Old Skool. 

So yes I am fighting, I am fighting for an industry I love. I want to inspire the new wave of future brush and airbrush Masters. So pick up the pages and look deeply into a design, listen to the stories of the people who have provided the art for features. Learn from the hints and tips and see how they physically managed to create such beautiful work. See the products that they prefer to use, the equipment that they need. They provide great testaments for brands in use. 

In the early 2000s, pinstriping was a dying art, lettering no longer taught in the UK painting and decorating courses and hadn’t been in many a long year. So, as we enter our 16th year in publication, we are asking you to join us in supporting this fragile industry, the talented artists that partake of it, and to do everything you can to help us keep these art forms in the public eye, and to bring forward the talent of tomorrow. So please send in your artwork. Send in your hints and tips, tutorials etc. Send in your product releases. Find courses, learn the art. Don’t let this industry fade into obscurity!

So Happy New Year one and all, exciting times ahead, with your support.

Lynda, Kris and Team

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